Sobriety and modesty were a necessary response on this site which saw the living of hermits until the middle of the XXth century.

Conceived as the cell of an anchorite, walls of raw concrete, oak wooden floors chocolate curtains reminiscent of monks’bure, wall lamps made out of old locks, your room is an invitation to contemplation.

As Mahatma Gandhi used to say, « There is more to life than simply increasing its speed », so take your time now, lighten up … we are here for you!

The hotel is accessible to disabled people.


25m² bedroom for 3 people
1 King size bed and 1 single bed
Bathroom with bathtub
View over L’Ermitage trail


21m² bedroom for 2 people
1 King size bed
Bathroom with shower
View on the hills


Two bedrooms for 4 people
2 King size beds
Bathroom with shower
View on the city and the hills


21m² corner bedroom for 2 people
King size bed
Bathroom with bathtub
View on the city of Lyon and the hills

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Chemin de L'Ermitage - Mont Cindre 

69450 Lyon - Saint Cyr au Mont d'Or